The answer is YES!
Not flossing is like washing only one side of a dirty dish. While brushing your teeth helps to remove plaque from the surface, it doesn’t really clean those hard to reach spaces in-between your teeth. Your teeth have five surfaces- buccal, occlusal, lingual, mesial, and distal. Your toothbrush can only reach three of the surfaces but not the other two (mesial and distal) unless you are missing teeth. It’s the spaces that are in-between our teeth that are must vulnerable to gum disease. Flossing DAILY is the best way to keep your gums healthy and those tight spaces cavity free.

Having a hard time with remembering to floss?
Quick Tip: Put floss out where you can see it!!! Don’t leave it hidden in your medicine cabinet. Put it next to your toothbrush, put it next to your bed, in the shower, by the TV remote, etc…. Just put the floss where ever you would have a moment to floss… 🙂 If you see it… you most likely will use it in your free time.

Additional information:

• Article from ADA on ‘Emphasize Importance of Flossing and Interdental Cleaners’

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